A Stripper Grabbed My Top Knot in Toronto

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Learned a lot of interesting things while in Toronto, for example, the 6  refers to being in Toronto because the city’s two area codes both include 6 in them. I arrived late on Thursday and left early evening Sunday, a relatively short trip, but managed to pack in a mix of hustling around and relaxing in the hotel.


The thrive was real

We stayed in the Hyatt because NXNE paid for it, but we were able to walk around or catch quick cabs to venues. NXNE is something Toronto is super proud of, and while it was a lot of fun, was even more low-key than small scale city fests such as NYC’s CMJ or San Francisco’s Noise Pop. Despite timing my trip around the festival, I had a lot more fun checking out local restaurants, bars, and going on some weird Torontonian (I was actually convinced this is the term- correct me if I’m wrong) adventures (hint: strip club).


Took this horrifying photo of Drew in our hotel window

I ended up catching A$AP Ferg, and everyones favorite Canadian heartthrob, Ryan Hemsworth at their official NXNE shows. Drew was on a panel with our friend Ernest, moderated by VICE Canada’s Patrick McGuire about ~music writing~ Which is something I have experience with, and honestly hear about probably far too often. But it was fun and people seemed really into it.



Did some day looks: 
shorts (Forever 21, $15), top (Forever 21, $22), purse (Rebecca Minkoff $200), white leather sneakers (Converse, $70)


And some night looks
crop top (Forever 21 $12), maxi skirt with slit (Nasty Gal $48), heeled sandals (Steve Madden $70),
 phone case (Moschino $80)

To continue being a living Drake song, we naturally headed to Club Paradise. Which let me tell you, is not worthy of it’s own song. A STRIPPER GRABBED MY TOP KNOT WHILE I WAS SITTING DRINKING AN $8 COORS LIGHT. GRABBED Because I wasn’t paying attention to her.

Slava blended right in and got a lap dance, which is how I learned that in Canada, strippers make you put a bandana on your lap while receiving a lap dance, which is both awkward and embarrassing, especially because he was already wearing one as part of his outfit, but to the stripper, just looked extremely prepared. (I wonder if Drake has a special bandana on site saved for him, or if this rule doesn’t apply to him. Asking the real questions here.)


For some reason I was drinking a lot of beer, which is not my usual choice, and got really tired. Conveniently, Toronto’s call time is 2 AM. Which left me plenty of time to sleep so I could prepare for a day full of pool lounging.


Pro tip: the Hyatt on King in Toronto doesn't make you swipe a key to access the pool, 
so I would be sneaking in every weekend if I were you. 


Found this cute sign outside of the Drake Hotel (un-affiliated BTW) on Queen which pretty much wraps
everything up.

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