Last Night A Doughnut Saved My Life

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Growing up, I was conditioned to think doughnuts were a rare treat, almost a reward for the laziness of my parents when they didn’t want to find a better breakfast on the road option. My mom and dad grew up on Winchells Doughnuts from Culver City strip malls, which may be the way less popular West Coast version of Dunkin, which also sucks. This was of course back when they would spell them donuts, because they were an appropriate price of $1.50 and tasted like dense cake nastiness with crusty pink frosting. We’d go to this spot “Wendys’” that had the apostrophe all wrong like that on Venice Boulevard and I would always kindly decline.

This changed now that I am in Brooklyn one day when a fancy doughnut caught my eye. I wish I had never met said doughnut, because nothing has been the same, the frequency in which I eat doughnuts is something I will not put a number on, but ya…..

My new obsession was born from three different establishments, Dough, Dun-Well, and Doughnutplant. If you aren’t a doughnut fan, the right decision would be to not try these because they will change your mind, or just go for it like I did.



This Bed-Stuy bakery stocks local coffee shops around town, and conveniently, that includes Dillingers next to my house, and Brooklyn Roasting Company next to my work.


1. Cafe au Lait (this one is perfect, it has a coffee icing and sort of coffee cake crumbles on top)

2. Dulce de Leche (somehow perfect level of sweet, has almond shaving toppings)

3. Cinnamon Sugar (can also take #1 spot when you are wanting something ~lighter~)

Least Faves:

1. Hibiscus (was so pissed off I didn’t like this sickeningly sweet beautiful pink treat)

2. Passion Fruit (again, these fruit flavors suck)

3. Mocha (this one is just too much for me, the chocolate frosting is too much)




1. Peanut Butter and Jelly (YAAAAAAAS)

2. Pistachio (not overly sweet, topped with real pistachio bits)

Was Less Obsessed With:

1. Sweet Butter & Rosemary (maybe I need to try this again)

2. Regular Glazed (when did we become so basic)

3. Blueberry (sensing a fruit hatred here which is weird)

Doughnut Plant


I haven’t had a bad experience here yet

1. Peanut butter Banana Filled (wow this is perfect and somehow not super sweet, has peanut pieces on top)

2. Peanut butter Jelly (again, same sweetness as the favorite sandwich, but amazing texture)

3. Creme Brûlée (apparently they invented this, enough said, though pricey for a small one)

4. Pistachio (another small one, but great)


Me yesterday, using a meeting in LES as an excuse to get Doughnut Plant (pictured: peanut butter banana)


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