Chicken Curry with Carrot, Potato, and Peppers

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My favorite restaurant is this hole in the wall Burmese spot in San Francisco called Yamo. I always get the same order, beef curry with noodles, add vegetables. It’s $6 and last time I went to San Francisco I went straight from the airport.



I’ve tried a lot of DIY seasonings, premade sauces in glass jars, but I’ve never gotten close to the taste I’ve found at Yamo (which is sort of Indian/Chinese/Thai if you haven’t had Burmese). The other night I made a similar recipe but subbed chicken and used an Indian style curry paste I found at the grocery store. Drew and I loved this chicken curry recipe and I highly it. It is one of the easiest recipes I’ve done in a while with the best turn out, but it isn’t the quickest, because potatoes are slow to cook, (and maybe I forgot to pre-heat). To be honest you could definitely cook the vegetables in a pan but this was just my first instinct.



GURL, You know you want this chickkkk!


3-4 chicken breasts

1 green pepper

2 potatoes, chopped into small pieces

5 carrots, chopped into 1 inch pieces

1 package curry powder (I used Taste of India)

1 cup water

1 table spoon coconut oil

Sriracha (if you like)



Oven safe pan


I made enough from this for 2 days of lunch for 2 people. I ended up putting it over rice so I had a way to use every bit of sauce, but if you’re healthier than me, good for you. Ugh.

1. Pre-heat oven to 400

2. Place all chopped vegetables in a pan, and place in oven to cook. The reason I chose these vegetables is because they are the same ones used at Yamo, and I love the softened peppers and eating the potato with the chicken. Each serving only ends up having 1/2 of a small potato, so don’t worry ;]

IMG_25333. Basically just chill as that cooks, towards the end (as you check it) you can begin on the chicken, I did this after like 20 min

4. Chop up chicken breasts and place them in the wok with  a bit of coconut oil (or whichever oil you prefer). Only a little because the curry will coat this. And yes I am about to upload a photo of raw chicken.



5. Cook the chicken.

6. Empty curry package onto chicken. It will be very thick, and pour in 1 cup of water. Stir.

7. Place cooked vegetables over chicken and mix into curry

8. Add hot sauce and eaaaaaaat


These 8 steps are honestly more like 4 steps. Make vegetables. Make chicken. Add curry. Mix. The amount of water you add and the longer you keep it over the flame determines the thickness of the sauce, so you can play around there, but this is definitely being added to my biweekly menu.

Comment with any curry powder suggestions please!