24 Hours in Providence, RI

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Labor Day weekend Drew and I headed to Providence for a wedding we last minute realized we had a ride to. I am not really the most spontaneous type but it wasn’t excessively formal so I knew I could pull something together.

Being from the West Coast, I haven’t been to most of the quaint North East cities, and I’m always trying to check off another place on my world wide game of bingo in my head. And we had a free ride. This was an excuse to add to my “places I’ve been” magnet collection.

After a 3.5 hour ride in a bright red rental car, we were desperately searching on Yelp for a place to get a lobster roll, because that is the North East thing to do I guess. We ended up at Providence Oyster Bar and indulged in a variety of oysters, clams casino, and a lobster roll washed down with some Harpoon UFO beer. Oysters are something I have admitted to knowing nothing about. Despite my love for anything seafood, happy hour, and bougie yet accessible, I tried them for the first time in the Hamptons.

Don’t kill me but I kind think oysters, like crawfish, and wings, are the type of food that is less about the taste and more about the act of actually eating them. The vinegar based sauce I do like. I overloaded on oysters this weekend considering the wedding also had an oyster bar. To be honest, maybe this makes me tacky, but the bacon filled clams casino is much more up my alley.


The wedding was held at the beautiful Glen Manor, which was about a 40 minute shuttle ride from Providence.


A very “send to mom” worthy wedding pic of Drew and I (I’m wearing a Forever 21 Dress, Rebecca Minkoff purse, and Asos heels)

IMG_3023ROSE & heels. I kept these on all night and I feel like I have advanced a level in classiness. Toenail polish is OPI gel white (gel pedicures are the best, more on that later)

IMG_3021Contrary to the uber fancy oyster bar, there was a frozen lemonade stand with the option to add some vodka. Yes please. (You can already sense my alcohol mixing situation for this night. SMH.)

The next morning we were scheduled to get in a van full of friends driving back (a lot less comfortable than the car we had gotten a ride from on the way) at noon. Hungover, lazy, and curious, we decided to stay in Providence for the rest of the day and hang out, taking an 8pm train we would definitely sleep on. We stayed in the Renaissance Providence because it was the only hotel left when we decided on this last minute trip. I really regret not taking a bath. That’s always my first thought when it comes to hotels.

We explored from our hotel to some boutiques on Westminster Street, only to reason a “street  full of shops” is very very small most places other than NY. We kind of gave up and began to walk up College hill towards the RISD campus area. We wandered into XO Cafe for brunch, where we had the most enthusiastic waitress of all time. After the previous night I would have rather died than drank, so we settled for some French press coffee.  I ordered an amazing short rib potato pancake eggs benedict that was honestly amazing.


Drew got an asparagus and bacon hash with some homemade bread that might have honestly been better than mine.

Then, because the entire point of this extended trip was laziness. We actually took a NAP in a park. ON THE GRASS. And no one robbed us, peed on us, or kicked us out like I assume would happen in New York because no one can possibly be seen relaxing in New York. We then got a bit lost trying to find our way back to the cute street in Little Italy where we can gotten lobster rolls the other day. We ended up at Brown University and saw a lot of cute excited college students during move in weekend. We got some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Drew ordered vanilla and I am still judging him / questioning EVERYTHING.

We ended up in Little Italy and had a salad and some bread sipping a Summer shandy until we were so relaxed we almost fell asleep and headed to the Greyhound station.


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