October 2014 archive

Asheville, NC is actually really cute



A few weekends ago, I headed to North Carolina to visit Drew’s family on a plane I practically missed- my specialty. We flew into Charlotte, NC and drove to their house but one night borrowed the car and went into Asheville, NC which is about 30 minutes from his parents house. To be honest, North Carolina is a state I never thought about once until I met Drew, however rude and ignorant that makes me, New York and California have been the center of my American universe. Oops.

It’s really beautiful and foresty between a few very standard issue towns/cities, so I wasn’t sure what to think of Asheville, a part that Drew said was his favorite.

TLDR; it was really cute.


72 Hours in Las Vegas

I just lost my Vegas Virginity. This is weird because I’m 24, was at a time obsessed with EDM and partying, and am from LA/SF which is pretty close to Vegas. Probably for the best, I waited until this past September to go to Vegas for the first time. My BFF Jazper, invited a handful of our closest friends from college to celebrate his 25th birthday in Vegas, and I used it as an excuse to head to LA to peep my soon to be new office (YAAAS I’m moving) and turn up.

I feel like Vegas attracts largely three types of people. The convention go-er who is chilling on their work dime, the EDM enthusiast who has club promoter numbers on deck (thanks Sheena for getting us into Hakkassan with a fucked ratio), and the people who think Vegas is a classy place to go on a vacation and experience the finer things in life. The latter is my favorite because I too appreciate a tasteful 3 foot tall drink and restaurant from a celebrity chef with a TV show.

We stayed in a suite in the Venetian that I got the hookup from via JusCollege via a colleague. We packed myself, Drew, Erin, Ramon, Angel, Jazper, and Marie in that room with pretty much no problem so I’d say it was a great deal. Hit me up if you want me to link you with this hotel promoter / discount giver.


Me lingering the Venetian pool where a lot of old couples were making out. Spray tan by Brazil Bronze Soho (best deal in town but ignore where I spilled water on my shoulder lol)


Best believe I had one of these in my hand within one hour of landing. I know from experience in NOLA that the bellini flavor is the best but weakest (use it to top off your drink). My Louboutin red nails match the cup. Possibly intentional.