Fried Alligator and Making it Rain: Weekend in Atlanta

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I’ve been going on little trips a lot lately. Not mad at it. I met Drew in Atlanta for a long weekend during the annual A3C Festival. My two priorities in ATL were Southern food, and strip clubs. I think I did well.


Upon landing I decided that I should eat at Hooters on Peachtree because of the Drake lyric “the one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree.” It seemed like a good way to enter Atlanta with a bang. Hooters is honestly not that good but has really good deals on pitchers and amazing merch, which I copped. A children’s t-shirt that says “life begins at Hooters” whatever that means.


I had to work from the hotel this day in order to get the OK to go to Atlanta early, but I snuck out for lunch to Six Feet Under, a place I found through a blog about Atlanta restaurants that relate to Outkast song lyrics – obviously. I tried GATOR for the first time and hate to say my main comment is the typical “tastes like chicken.”

On the top in this picture was the basket of “assorted toes” or “toe jam” which is what this place calls their stuffed peppers. Theres one bacon wrapped shrimped stuff jalepeño, one bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed sweet pepper, and the one that I had to eat in multiple bites despite being so small, a bacon wrapped habeñero pepper stuffed with scallops. I kinda got sick after all of this but refuse to believe it was from the food. ALSO got an awesome Southern take on a Moscow mule that had a huge cucumber ice cube.

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My first full non-work day began at Ria’s Bluebird, a cute brunch spot with a wait and no reservations, which was fitting for its no-fuss vibes. This was one of the first places I sort of noticed the hippie vibes in Atlanta I didn’t expect, a lot of the options had vegan friendly substitutions, and health conscious vibes not stereotypical of the South I hear about. I ordered biscuits and gravy, house made sausage, and a fruit cup because I am so healthy. Drew got shrimp and grits and as you can see literally cleaned the bowl. Ria’s is more of a diner in the sense it doesn’t serve alcohol or be the type of place people have drawn out brunches.





On my mission to get a well rounded view of Atlanta, we headed to Little Five Points, a sort of Haight Ashbury / Williamsburg area of town. I got a vintage Ferrari t-shirt and Mary J. Blige tour shirt and Drew got a pair of raw denim which he is trying to not wash for the rest of his life. I even came across a green juice place, without even trying. The juice was THREE DOLLARS. That gave Atlanta some extra points. I love fitting a good juice between southern food and strip clubs.

Mid-day, we ended up at Magic City, a strip club in Atlanta that I learned about from a Waka Flocka guide to strip clubs video. Magic City is known for having an impressive daytime lineup, amazing music, and great food that boasts (on its INSTAGRAM — because a strip club cafe has an INSTAGRAM) the best in the city. In retrospect, despite being so full I should have mustered up the space for a fish sandwich or wings.

We went to Daddy Dz BBQ for dinner, an iconic but unpolished joint (as you can guess from the state of its website.) Daddy Dz offers special deals for EMT and cops, which terrifies me because after eating it I was hardly able to walk let alone save anyone or work in any capacity.

We got their signature appetizer, which is essentially pigs in a blanket, but with pulled pork fully breaded. Battered meat. It was obviously amazing. Our lovely server taught me the gospel of Dz, which is “there’s no such thing as a bad side [dish]” and she was right. I got pulled pork, broccoli casserole (who knew there was such a thing), potato wedges (to balance the other greenLOL side that I got) and cornbread. Drew got brisket, fried mushrooms, fried okra, and Texas toast. And sweet tea, which he loves but I can’t get into. I got a diet coke.


Daniel of Heroes and Villains and his lovely girlfriend Speakerfoxxx took us to Blue Flame, a strip club we had been both encouraged to go to and warned against. Speakerfoxxx event went as far as to hand me a stack of 50+ ones so I could practice making it rain.

Drew had a very adorable lesson from a guy who was posted up next to the pole/stage with a hookah on how to make it rain. The music was amazing and the vibes were very positive. Something I noticed is moreso than any other clubs I had been to (which is sort of a lot by now) the lap dance/ private room idea was not present. Without any private rooms, people were spending a LOT of money. Like the kind of stuff you see in a music video except real and way better. A lot of strippers screaming YAAAS and some almost using the catwalk as a lip synch rap performance stage.

The most memorable moment of Blue Flame was by far an impressive stripper who juggled some of the bills between her ass cheeks. Goddess vibes. They also had Myx Moscato, which I ordered, obviously.


Note: this was towards the end of the stack obv.


On my last full day, we trekked to the Highlands, a neighborhood I hadn’t explored yet. This residential area had a lot of old Southern charm that I love. We had brunch at Cafe 640. I ordered chicken biscuits, and Drew got crab cake benedict, which we split. I was sipping on mimosas, while he smartly ordered their specialty, a rosewater grapefruit martini. We napped in a nearby park after slipping into a food coma and relaxed the rest of the day in the blazing heat.

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