Asheville, NC is actually really cute

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A few weekends ago, I headed to North Carolina to visit Drew’s family on a plane I practically missed- my specialty. We flew into Charlotte, NC and drove to their house but one night borrowed the car and went into Asheville, NC which is about 30 minutes from his parents house. To be honest, North Carolina is a state I never thought about once until I met Drew, however rude and ignorant that makes me, New York and California have been the center of my American universe. Oops.

It’s really beautiful and foresty between a few very standard issue towns/cities, so I wasn’t sure what to think of Asheville, a part that Drew said was his favorite.

TLDR; it was really cute.

I went to one of my favorite food blogs, A Spicy Perspective, to get some ideas of where to go out to eat, because obviously I can’t risk my one night in town on a spontaneous choice, because I am insane. So we chose a cute Italian place, but when we arrived, it was closed, which led to exploring. I would recommend her city guides for Asheville definitely, but ultimately think our DIY/random vibes were for the best.

Across the street, some bizarre bar called The Odditorium. Which ended up being a really awesome almost American Horror Story Freak Show themed bar with weird oddities everywhere. Skeletons, fingers in jars, tattooed pig skin, some weird shit. At one point, they even started PLAYING American Horror Story but the bar is over a year old so it was definitely a coincidence. Definitely not a take your parents type of place, which was nice for our attempt at a date night in the Southern sort-of-sticks.

Obviously owned by the nicest enormous goth lady ever and her charming Southern fiance who wanted to help us find a restaurant so so so badly.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 9.56.27 PM



I had an awesome cherry cider called THE VILLAGE TART that was local and not fake sweet and really great with a great name of course. The fiance, and co-owner of the bar both gave us a million food suggestions and invited us back to the metal show at the bar that night.


We decided on Nine Mile, which identifies as Rasta Pasta. By that I mean jerk chicken and sauces on pasta. It was really good and the portions were enormous, as usual, I could have split something and been fine. I could tell Asheville was a progressive Southern city because they offered gluten free noodles or even raw zucchini to sub for pasta, which I considered for a millisecond but c’mon. For $10-16 for an entree, salad, and bread, it gave me Olive Garden deal realness, except really good and REAL tasting.

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As a bonus, here is a picture of me doing zip line at The Gorge. Which was awesome, but way too long for a beginner  / person who is kind of in it for the thrill and a few selfies. No, there is no Kim and Kanye photo, I screwed up and was a bit embarrassed to ask Drews parents to do it and possibly have to explain and encourage their lurking. But if you’re reading this now- HEY………..

I have a soft spot for the South. I feel like I could and probably will rebrand as a Southern tea drinking on my porch lady, so whenever I visit, I find more and more things about the style, cuisine, vibe, and pace, more likeable.

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