Adventures in Hong Kong with Drew, Kathy, and Sam

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Sam moved to Hong Kong for a FIT program was ultimately motivated me to take this Asia trip. Drew and I flew to Hong Kong to visit him, and our friend Kathy, who I met in NY, but is currently living in London, made the trek too.

We ate, went to the tallest bar in the world, gambled in Macau, hiked to The Peak to see the Hong Kong skyline, rode around in double decker busses, and got insanely lost going to the beach. Click read more for more photos and details!







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HOTEL: Hong Kong Garden Inn

This super affordable hotel was spacious, especially for Asia, had a pretty garden view, and was in a great part of town on Hong Kong Island Mid-Level, right by the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and hiking spots.


The Beach we took a two busses and a boat to get to Hap Mun Bay, a beautiful beach and pier village. It was worth it.

The Peak Hike we did this our first morning in Hong Kong and I loved it. The view was beautiful. Screw the tram we hiked all the way up and made friends with adorable dogs on our way.

Macau we took a quick one hour ferry to Macau, one of the easiest trips I’ve ever taken to get to a whole different country. We gambled a bit, relaxed in a strangely empty hotel pool at the Venetian we snuck into, and explored the local village a bit. It was a fun day trip but slightly underwhelming. If you’re comparing it to Vegas, do yourself a favor and don’t, because that left us a bit disappointed.

Spa because my luck is generally pretty bad, I of course got sick during the trip. A nighttime adventure to a Chinese spa in Wan Chai to take advantage of the steam rooms and get a massage. There was also a bunch of amazing free fresh juice and food?? I wanted to stay all night, which was technically possible since they strangely were open until 5 am.

Shopping I honestly expected to shop a lot more than I did, but from my experience, I’d separate the shopping options in Hong Kong largely as luxury and chain stores that carry the same merchandise in all locations worldwide, and the fun, cheap, made in China fast fashion you’d expect, and of course, all in really small sizes. I got some cute ribbed crop tops, some cute silly gifts, and a bunch of Chinese herbal medicine I have no idea does what. If you’re looking for really awesome fake designer replicas, Hong Kong is not your spot, what they do have are really BAD fake knock offs of already not that expensive of goods, like Adidas and Supreme, but spelled wrong. Probably a cooler, more rare find anyways. Superme, anyone?


Tim Ho Wan, the world’s cheapest Michelen starred restaurant had amazing Dim Sum for prices that were amazingly cheap even if it wasn’t Michelen starred.

Mr. Wongs, a Chinese owned but super American friendly take on American Chinese food with All You Can Drink and Eat for under $8 USD per person. Just grab beers out of the cooler in the back and linger as long as you want.

Chinese Tea Service at the Intercontinental this formal tea service with dim sum style sweet and savory treats was one of the fancier things we did, and the hotel lobby had live music and an insane view of the Skyline from Kowloon.

Jerky and Porkchop Sandwiches in Macau: these street eats were a world of difference from the flavors in Hong Kong and I still regret not sneaking a bunch into my luggage.

Worst thing I ate: DURIAN FRUIT!!!! I still want to kill Sam for tricking me into eating this.


Taxis were very easy to come by in Hong Kong, and thanks to our smartphones, showing the driver where we wanted to go was relatively easy. None of that get you lost on purpose NY shit. The fares were incredibly reasonable. We also took advantage of Hong Kong’s plentiful public transit options from metro trains and double decker busses.





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